Our Mission

Being a physician who also spent many years in the supplement and fitness industry, I wanted to build a company that would create honest and trust-worthy products with consistent results.  That is why we decided to name the company “Athletes Rx”; prescribing the supplemental and nutritional support for every athlete’s success. We are excited and proud to introduce you to our brand with the launch of our very own premium grass-fed protein powder.  We went through months of meticulous selection to choose the ingredients that have been rigorously tested. We proudly stand by the product, both its efficacy and its safety.

Take our prescription for success and elevate the athlete within.


One of our goals is to make excellent products that our athletes love, but an even more important goal of our company is to make a difference in the communities around us. We are different than every other supplement company out there because one of our main founding pillars is giving back. As young kids, we always loved playing sports; sports took up majority of our after-school hours and many countless hours of our summer vacations.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of communities around us where the children often do not have a safe place to
to kick or throw a ball, let alone run around.

This realization led to the inspiration that birthed this company, Athletes Rx. We wanted to build a company whose profits could be used to provide that safe place for these young growing athletes. So, we at Athletes Rx plan to funnel a significant portion of our profits directly to support community partners at the local and national level so that our children can enjoy a safe and active environment. Eventually, with your support, we hope to grow our company beyond the national level, so that our support can reach global partners, benefiting at-risk children around the world.  Won’t you partner with us to invest in the bright future of our young athletes?