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AthletesRx is a premier online community for athletes. Whether you are a high school athlete or a competitive professional athlete, AthletesRx is your go to online resource. We are a group of professionals in various sports fields, including but not limited to athletes and coaches at collegiate and Olympic level, fitness trainers, and doctors with extensive expertise working directly with athletes. We strive to be the ultimate go to site for athletes – amateurs and professionals alike – to access all the help and support necessary to maximize their potential.

 AthletesRx is a community built by experts, based on practical and evidence-based approach. Our team of experts has played at the highest level and has trained those athletes on the highest level. Let our team help you unleash the athlete within.

Erik Hernandez, M.A., CSCS

Assistant Director for Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Erik Hernandez currently serves as the Assistant Director for Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   He is responsible for training the Women’s Volleyball, Women’s lacrosse, Men’s golf and the Men’s and Women’s Track and Field throwers.  He has worked with almost every sport at the University of North Carolina at one point and has been a part of multiple National Championship, NCAA finalists and all American performances.Before Carolina, Hernandez was a Graduate Assistant Strength Coach at University of Tulsa working primarily with football and basketball. Hernandez also did internships with Arizona State University and Niles North High School, along with serving as a student intern at Loyola University Chicago.A 2010 graduate of Loyola, Hernandez competed in the shot put for the track and field team and still holds the school record. He received a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Loyola and his Masters of Education in training and development from North Carolina State University. Hernandez is also CSCS certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is certified through Titleist Performance Institute.Erik believes in a holistic all-encompassing training program that is tailored to the individual’s needs with health and performance being goal.  He has experience working with hundreds of clients from grade school to masters athletes and takes interest in all levels of health and performance.

Dan Fosselman, DO

Collegiate Lacrosse / Family Medicine Doctor

Dan Fosselman DO is currently a Family Medicine Resident and MBA Candidate at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. He is a Captain in the United States Army Reserves and a Holistic Life Coach under Paul Chek. He played collegiate lacrosse at Denison University, was a student strength coach under Mark Watts, and has interned under Eric Serrano, MD. Athletically, he is currently practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a competitive raw powerlifter.

Jordan Joy PhD candidate, MS, CSCS, CISSN

Powerlifter / Scientist

Jordan M. Joy MS, CSCS, CISSN is currently a Graduate Research Assistant at Texas Woman’s University and the Founder of InnovaSolutions LLC Consulting Services. He has his BS in Exercise Science from the University of Tampa, an MS in Applied Nutrition with a focus in Sport Nutrition from Northeastern University, and he is currently pursuing his PhD in Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology. Jordan has worked principally as a scientist for both academia and industry while notching over 100 publications on topics pertaining to human performance Finally, Jordan is also a record-holding powerlifter.

Mike Kim DO, Founder AthletesRx

DO, Founder AthletesRx

Dr. Kim's passion for optimizing athletes’ performance through science-based sports nutrition and training has led to many unique opportunities. He has worked with professional athletes in many sports arenas, including the NBA, UFC, MLB, NFL and the extreme sports.Throughout his medical education journey, equipping him to practice as an anesthesiology & critical care physician at a major academic institution, he has always had a passion for athletic performance optimization through nutrition and training. Dr. Michael Kim, D.O. had been an Executive Director of Medicine of Research & Education at Muscle Pharm Corp for 4 years. Dr. Kim received a B.A. in Economics from University of California-Davis, and a Doctor of Osteopathy Degree from Touro University. He has received his anesthesiology residency training from University of Colorado and his critical care fellowship training from Cedars-Sinai Hospital.


Endurance Athlete / Supplement Expert

Matt Mosman MS, CSCS, TSAC-F, CISSN is the Founder of He also runs a thriving online strength and conditioning community where he trains athletes, tactical teams, and the general population. Matt holds a BS in Exercise Science from Creighton University where he studied under leading supplement expert Dr. Jeff Stout and a Masters in Exercise Science with a focus on sports performance from the University of California of Pennsylvania. Matt has over 20 research publications on topics pertaining to human performance and his current research interests include supplementation for endurance athletes and concurrent training. Finally, Matt is an elite level distance runner and mountain biker whose main goal in life is to run a sub 15 minute 5k while being able to bench 320, deadlift 500, and squat 450.

Michael Palmieri PhD candidate, MS, RSCC, CSCS, USAW


Michael is the Founder of The Institute of Sport Science & Athletic Conditioning, and the Director of Research & Performance at its Dominate Your Game! Facility. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Michael's research interests lie in the application of biomechanical analysis of performance testing, and its relevance to program design.A former competitive strength athlete, Michael works almost exclusively with elite Tier One professional sports teams, athletes, & franchises. He also consults for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Military, and has conducted research and presented lectures around the country for numerous internationally recognized organizations. Furthermore, he has held several executive positions within the industry, including with the NSCA, the NAS, and the INBA. Michael is also an adjunct professor in Exercise Science at a major university, and has operated in the capacity of Sport Science Consultant for several supplement companies.

Clayton Parros USA Track

Sprinter / E. Carolina Univ. Track Coach

Clayton Parros was born in Los Angeles California, and raised in New Jersey. As a part of The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Track and field Program he was named ACC Champion 5 times, All-ACC 11 times, and was also an all American. Post Collegiately he achieved World Champion status as a part of the team USA 4x400m relay, Penn relays Champion, IAAF World Relay Champion, NACAC 4x400m Champion and USA Indoor 300m Runner up. Clayton is USATF Coaching Certified and has studied and trained under world-class coaches namely Derrick White (coach of Joanna Atkins and Quinera Hayes), Lance Brauman (coach of Tyson Gay, Marvin Bracy, Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller and many others). He also studied strength and conditioning under Andre Woodert (former strength and conditioning coach of Allyson Felix). Currently he is in his first year of coaching at East Carolina University and is involved with the Sprints and Hurdles

Jack Rummells PhD Candidate, NFL

NFL Powerlifting

Lifting is my religion. My interest for the iron began at age 13 doing strongman out of my first mentor’s garage. This evolved into competing in Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman through high school and college. At the University of Northern Iowa, I received a B.A. and M.A. in kinesiology, as well as All- American honors on the football field as a left tackle. In 2015, I was lucky enough to join the Jacksonville Jaguars roster for 6 month. After I was released from the Jaguars, I had the opportunity to train for a month learning the conjugate method from Louie Simmons at Westside, and a month later I placed 12th overall in the 105+ division at the American Open in Olympic Weightlifting. Currently, I’m back at school pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Iowa… And yes, the fire still burns strong.

Eric Salinger MD, General Surgery

Collegiate Sprinter / Doctor

Eric Salinger is a general surgeon who currently lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. He grew up in Wisconsin, and was a competitive swimmer from the age of five until he graduated from Pomona College. When he isn’t fixing hernias or removing gallbladders, Eric enjoys all manner of fitness activities: lifting, biking, hiking, running, swimming, or anything else that gets his heart rate up. He is always looking for new and different workouts to keep things exciting. He loves travelling with his family, listening to and playing music, and good food and wine.

Aaron Tribby, MS

Aaron C. Tribby MS, is currently a Health & Wellness Coach at Mercy Hospital inSpringfield, Missouri. He has his BS in Exercise Science from Rockhurst University andan MS in Exercise Physiology from Wichita State University. Aaron has worked onnumerous research studies focused on nutrition, supplementation, and humanperformance. His passion for strength training started in graduate school, buttransformed while working for MusclePharm Inc., where he learned about the Conjugateand Westside Barbell methods.